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Hi There, I'm Desirae! I hope you enjoy my movies...I have TONS to share with you. xoxo Desi

I hope you cum visit me sometime soon, I have so many naughty things to share with you. xoxo Desirae

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I get a lot of requests to wear different sexy little outfits. This outfit I received from a member, it was a hot little checkered bikini. I slipped it on and took my time teasing until I couldn't take it anymore and had to touch my wet little pussy.
I found this sexy little nylon outfit online. It is very sheer and has a small opening for my pussy :)

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 naughty at home south african housewife naughty at home desirae spencer
Hi There, I'm Desirae! I hope you enjoy my movies...I have TONS to share with you. xoxo Desi

I hope you cum visit me sometime soon, I have so many naughty things to share with you. xoxo Desirae

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I love to get kinky and wear fetish outfits inside. Here is a hot set of me wearing some vinyl lingerie,stockings,garters & my ball gag
Here I am being a naughty little slut wife, stripping down for you. I couldn't wait to show you my pretty pink pussy lips. I just love the pearls on this lingerie and especially the pearl g-string!

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Hi There, I'm Desirae! I hope you enjoy my movies...I have TONS to share with you. xoxo Desi

Today after work I came home and found hubby with the camera. He was in the mood to take some naughty pictures of me undressing. I always wear sexy lingerie under my outfits when I am working so I decided this would be a great time. I enjoy stripping down like this and get even more excited when I am totally naked and his cock is hard as a Desirae

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This afternoon I was feeling really horny. I decided to watch a little porn & masturbate before he came home. While I was watching some dirty sex scene I started to get so wet and horny that I wanted the real thing! I decided to put on my sexy new pink outfit equipped with garters and stockings & meet him at the door....
I love to dress up for sex....I bought this leather lingerie and stripped down in the kitchen in the hopes of getting some cock..=) this outfit did the charm in no time...before I knew it I had his long hard cock in my mouth....I loved the way his pre cum tastes on the tip of my Desirae

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Hi There, I'm Desirae! I hope you enjoy my movies...I have TONS to share with you. xoxo Desi

I decided that I wanted to dress up as a foreign exchange student and pretend I was lost. I love getting dressed up and doing fantasy role play with my husband. I stripped down slowly, exposing my hard pink nipples and pink pussy in the dining room. I love wearing this little hat as well, makes me feel so cute and sexy. I hope you enjoy the pictures. xxx Desirae

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Sometimes I like to get on the phone and call one of my members for phone sex. I especially love it when I get to stare at a picture of his hard cock while I get off. Today I was on the phone with Jason & he requested that I use my gigantic 12" cock to get off while he stroked his cock for me over the phone while my hubby watched.=).xxx Desirae
I came home and found my husband very very horny. I decided to suprise him with some new sexy lingerie. I came in and did a strip show for him and then proceeded to suck on his cock on the bed.....I couldn't wait to stuff his hard dick into my pussy. I love fucking in all different positions during a sex session (Full fuck set is Desirae)

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Hi There, I'm Desirae! I hope you enjoy my movies...I have TONS to share with you. xoxo Desi

I love getting all dolled up for pictures. In this set I wore a sexy leopard and red teddy with stockings and heels. I slowly stripped down for my hubby. He got very excited and decided he wanted to be in on the action. We happenned to have some friends coming over, so I asked them if they would take the pictures while we played. It was so awesome to suck his hard cock and let him fuck me while a hot couple watched on. Hope you enjoy the sample. The full set is Desirae

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There is something so hot to me about being naked in the Seriously, I LOVE to fuck in the kitchen on the counters. So, today I stripped down and got very naughty. I wanted him to take out his hard cock and let me suck it while I was down on the floor. Then I turned around and he fucked me doggy style while I grabbed onto the kitchen sink. He finished me off by fucking me missionary style on the counter top. Nothing like a nice afternoon screw. Hope you enjoy the pics. xxx Desirae
I was getting ready to go out to a swingers party. The theme was "Naughty School Girl" So, I wore this sexy little outfit equipped with stockings and high heels. I felt like such a naughty slut wife heading out the door with my trench coat jacket on to cover up what I was wearing until I got to the party. I had a BLAST! It was so much fun. We met this hot and sexy couple and exchanged numbers. We are going to hang out with them this Desirae
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I couldn't wait to show you my new tan body. I went tanning a few times before these pictures. I also bought this sexy outfit online and thought you would enjoy the see through top :)~ I loved stripping for you today..

As usual I was shopping online for sexy lingerie and found this hot and sexy bustier with garters and stockings. I just got my toes done in this set and they look really pretty, I just love getting my toes done. I really love the shoes I wore in this set as well. They wrap around my ankle and tie in the back. I tasted my sweet pussy and made myself cum in this set. I hope you enjoy watching me.

I have a huge shoe fetish. I found these really hot leopard shoes which matched some new sexy lingerie I bought for one of my boy toys. I couldn't wait to strip down for him in his hotel room.

I went out of town recently to go visit one of my sexy boyfriends. I met him at his hotel room and stripped down for him, showing him my pink pussy lips. I really think he enjoyed this outfit based on the HUGE load of cum he gave me later....x

This was just before we made a super hot and sexy movie. I was feeling like a naughty little slut wife and did a strip tease in the kitchen for you. Hope you cum inside and view the full size pictures

I get a lot of sexy requests to see me stripping out of hot lingerie down to my bare feet out of sheer stockings. In this set I was feeling super sexy and couldn't wait to get naughty and naked for yo

Merry Christmas! I couldn't wait to wear my cute little santa hat and fluffy little fishnet teddy for you. I hope you enjoy these pics

I have had this thing for wearing long sexy gowns lately. So, I found this hot little sheer pink one online and couldn't wait to show it off for you. I stipped down and then played with my little pink pussy. 

I get a lot of requests to see me bending over from behind. I wore a sexy white gown which felt oh so good against my skin. Then I slowly stripped down and assumed the position. :

This outfit is from a kinky french lingerie store. I couldn't resist wearing it for you. I love getting kinky and naughty at home :) I also got out my whip and gave myself a few spankings since I have been such a naughty girl.

I had quite a few requests to see me wearing a business suit with some sheer black stockings and black lingerie underneath. I felt extremely sexy in this photos and love sharing them with Desirae

I just love wearing tight little shiny outfits. I love the way this one just barely covered up my pink little nipples and how the string in the back went up my tight ass. I love showing off this way for you and really hope you enjoy these Desirae

There is nothing I love more than sheer french lingerie with garters and stockings. I especially love to wear black. In this set I slowly strip down showing you all of my pretty pink parts up close and Desirae

I found these sexy little pink panties that just hug my ass so perfectly. I was wearing them underneath a cute little skirt on my way out the door when hubby greeted me with the camera.. He was really horny & excited by my short little skirt, so Desirae

I was just about to meet up with a sexy friend of mine. I found this sexy little outfit online and couldn't wait to wear it for him. I took my time and stripped down slowly for him, exposing my pink wet Desirae

I couldn't wait for him to come over to see my new sexy outfit. I just love wearing black lingerie with stockings. I especially love wearing pearls with my lingerie. In this set I slowly strip down for him exposing all my pretty pink parts, then I spread my legs for him....

There is nothing like getting sexy new lingerie and stockings and being able to share them with you this way. I wore a pinstripe black lace teddy with ultra sheer stockings in this set. I got really horny in the middle of it and had to touch my little pussy right on the kitchen counter

Hubby just loves it when I dress up in sexy little vinyl outfits. I found this sexy blue vinyl skirt and top online and bought it right away. I couldn't wait to see the look on his face when he came out and found me wearing it in the living room. He absolutely loved it and got the camera out to snap off some sexy pics, I really got excited in this set and hope you enjoy it.

I was just about to do a live show when I found this sexy outfit in my closet. I had been saving it for a special occasion, and decided that my members would really love it if I wore it during today's live show. So, before the show we took some seriously sexy pictures and posted them on the site. I loved stripping down and wearing only the teddy without any panties or bra. I just love getting naked for you. 

One of my members sent me in this sexy little outfit. I paired it up with some of my kinky bondage leather shiny shoes. I love wearing kinky little outfits for my lovers, especially when I get to tease them and do a little tease like I did in this set. My online lover Joseph came over and I did a strip tease for him....I think he really liked it because before long I had a nice thick cock stuffed in my mouth....

I do get a lot of sexy requests from my members. In this set a member requested that I wear white with a white pearl necklace. He wanted me to wear garters with a fishnet garterbelt. I love it when members get really specific with their requests because it gives me such sexy ideas for picture sets. He wanted me to crawl around on the floor stripping down and then lifting my ass high into the air..

Hubby had been away for a few days, so I decided to greet him at the door wearing this sexy fishnet lingerie....It didn't take long before he had me naked and on the bed for some really dirty sex. I just love when he comes home from business trips, he is always so horny and ready for action. I hope you enjoy these pictures. x

I just love girl girl sex. Today I got together with my good friend Ashley & my hubby filmed us playing in the middle of the afternoon. I just loved the taste of her sweet pussy. We took turns on eachother on the floor until we both came loud and hard...then we took a nap together. I hope you come inside and watch just how naughty we are going to love it! I know I did!!

I am really into pleasing my members. I had a request to wear some sexy suspenders a while back, so I went on the hunt for a sexy little outfit online. I found this sexy little school girl suspender outfit and just had to have it....I wasn't wearing it for too long though...when I came out of the bathroom wearing it, my hubby quickly removed it and fucked me hard on the bed..

The other day I went shopping online for some sexy new little outfits. I had a member request to see me wearing a tight vinyl suit, so I thought this sexy little number would be perfect. I love getting requests from my members, it turns me on to please them..=) xxx Desirae

I just couldn't wait for him to cum all over my face. I got down on my knees and sucked his long hard rod nice and fast, stroking him at the same time....I couldn't wait for him to splatter his HUGE hot load of sticky cum all over my eagerly awaiting lips.!.

Today I just felt like getting naked in the house. I tried on some of my new sexy lingerie and invited hubby in to take some pictures as I stripped down for him and spread my legs on the floor. I really wanted him to love my crotchless purple lace teddy. I felt so hot and sexy wearing this!..

I couldn't wait for him to come through the door and find me waiting for him like this! I had just gotten back from the mall and was super horny. I was all turned on by a guy at the shoe store. He was all up close to me and he smelled so incredible, anyways, I couldn't wait to get home and rip my husbands clothes off....

Hubby had just gotten home from work & I suprised him in this sexy little outfit. I couldn't wait to get my hands on his cock! He sat down on the couch and I proceeded to talk dirty to him about what a naughty girl I had been & how I had been such a slut for turned him on so much that he

My sexy friend Sara came over the other day and we got into some sexy little outfits for our husbands. It was so hot to touch her as she stripped down and feel her hot tongue against my nipples. Soon we were on the bed in a 69 position and it was driving our husbands much fun 

I love to please my members, so when I get a request for a certain type of lingerie I jump right on it. Rick wanted to see me wearing red sheer crotchless lingerie with red stockings. So, I went out and got this sexy outfit for him. I couldn't wait to get the outfit out of the bag and onto my body, it felt so extremely sexy....

I was so excited to watch them fuck on our bed....I couldn't wait to see his hard cock enter he tight wet pussy as she moaned his name. It was so erotic that I had to hold back from touching myself...What a great way to spend the afternoon...Cum inside and watch her fuck Madison until her pussy is sore

I bought this sexy new lingerie and couldn't wait to take some sexy pictures in it. I stripped down slowly in the living room, revealing my pussy and bare titties....then I spread my legs and got doggy style on the floor for him. He got really excited taking these photos and we had sex immediately afterwards

I had just arrived home after a long day at the office. When I walked in my husband told me to stay put....that he wanted to grab the camera. He really loves to watch me strip down, especially out of clothing like this. It is hot to slowly remove my clothes and expose my sexy lingerie underneath..

We decided to play dress up, so I got out some of my sexy little lingerie sets for Madison to try on. She really liked this sexy sheer green dress of mine, so I put on a sexy blue sheer top and short skirt. We stripped down for him in the living room and then proceeded to eat eachother from behind for hours. yummy! xxx Desirae

A member picked out this sexy outfit for me online, once I saw it I had to have it so I ordered it and it arrived yesterday. I couldn't wait to slip on the sexy sheer black stockings and attach them to my pinstripe silky garter belt. The bra was just tight enough where me boobies popped out the top a little bit. I love that =)

Here I am with my sexy friend Madison. She came over yesterday and we decided to get our guys all worked up by dressing up like naughty little school girls and playing with some of my new toys. It was so hot to pull off her thong panties and slide my red vibrating dildo into her tight wet pussy. Her clit and nipples got so hard~yummy!

Sometimes I like to just do a little strip show out of my everyday clothes for my husband. I knew I was wearing my sexy yellow bra and panty set, and couldn't wait to strip down out of my jean skirt to show him =) ~ Desirae

mmmmm.... I have so much fun playing with girls, I can't get enough of it! Here I am with my friend Kacey getting nasty down on the floor in my dining room.....~Desirae

I bought this new lingerie for my husband the other day. I suprised him in the kitchen when he got home from work, wearing nothing but this see thru black and gold teddy & my strappy high heels. I stripped for him slowly on the kitchen counter, then I got down onto the floor and I .....~

Here I am with my friend Kacey. She came over and we got horny and started making out. Then we decided to get all dressed up in sexy lingerie for my husband Eric and suprise him when he got home. When he came in and saw us kissing all decked out in sexy french lingerie, he got an instant hard on and asked if he could go get the camera. So, here is a little picture sample of the full set inside. The images inside are MUCH larger than these samples.~Desirae

I had a lot of members requests to wear suspender nylons under my business attire. So, here they are =) I love getting dressed up for my members & getting feedback, it is so HOT! Hope you enjoy this sample, images inside are much much larger. ~Desirae

I love to dress up in sexy little outfits for my husband. It turns me on to see him getting all worked up as I slowly strip down....I got down onto the floor and pulled up my plaid skirt for him, exposing my wet pink pussy...then I took my fingers and I..